Christine Shirley Design Studio


frequently asked questions

  • When will I receive my order? Our team of sewists are working around the clock to sew facemarks and fulfill orders. We are small business who is seeking to help those in need. For up to date timelines for turnaround, check the banner on the homepage. Our goal is to fulfill orders as soon as possible. We understand the great need and are thankful for your patience. 

  • Can I pick my fabric?  Yes, please indicate color preferences at check out. We will do our best to accommodate preferences however requests are not guaranteed so it is based on availability.  All masks are double-layer cotton fabrics. 

  • Do you make children's sizes? At this time, we are only making one size that fits most. You can however knot the elastic to customize the size. 

  • How do I place an order? On our website. Orders cannot be placed over the phone, email, text or social media. 

  • Can I exchange or cancel my order? No, all sales are final.

  • How much is a face mask? $15 per mask, + tax and shipping.

  • Can I pay extra for rush order? Text 610.999.1090 and let us know the specifics of your request and we will respond with more information.

  • Bulk orders: Orders of more than 20 masks may be made on our website and will take 2-3 weeks to ship.  Additional shipping fees will apply based on quantity, please contact us once placing a bulk order. 

  • Are your masks N95 certified? No they are not N95 certified and should  be used as a last resort. They are in no way preventative of illness. 

  • Can I wash my mask? Yes, wash cold, line dry. Repeat.

  • Who is Christine Shirley? Christine Shirley is a company owned by Paige Sullivan. It is named after her middle name, Christine, and the street she grew up on, Shirley Drive. She is our head seamstress who designed her own pattern for face masks based from surgical masks. She was in car accident in January that left her with a very broken wrist and two surgeries. She is still going to physical therapy amidst sewing. She and her team of sewists are working hard to fulfill every order. 

  • Who is Dina? Dina Previti is a counselor whose mission is to help people in need, believing there is always hope. She daily counsels clients, oversees her team of counselors who are caring for people, and running her practice, Dina Previti & Co. Dina also makes essential oil rollerballs after realizing how much her family and friends loved using them.  For this project, she has taken on the role of COO, overseeing operations, communication, inventory orders, packaging and shipping. 

Paige and Dina are firstly friends and secondly business partners, sharing every space they have and working together. Their mission and purpose are to care for those they meet, equip however they can, empower women and young people to use their gifts, and encourage however possible. They love to work hard and play hard, making everyday fun somehow. For this project, they worked nightly until 2am to help as many people as they can during this global crisis. They love to do whatever they can to help!