Christine Shirley Design Studio

Summer camp update!


The beauty of our small business is the ability to meet the needs of our sewing students and loyal customers quickly and creatively. Although we have spent the last five years having an amazing summer camp season in our studio, we are ready and very willing to pivot to an online platform via Zoom. This is a new (very big) endeavor for us as we are used to in-person camps.  There will be a lot of preparation needed to ensure this camp is wonderful, organized, and crazzzzyy fun!! We have just posted our first 4 weeks of our summer session and kindly ask that you register as soon as you’re able to for our planning purposes.

If you have already registered for camp, please email us at to accommodate your needs. We will be adding more weeks as soon as we know more details about Pennsylvania rules and regulations. Our July + August could include more virtual camps or return to our studio. We ask that you are patient with us as we learn an entirely new way of teaching. 

XO, Paige

Summer camps 2020

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